The End-of-Life Doula Association is Launched

Wednesday, July 6, 2005

Last February the first graduates of the End-of-life Doula Association received their 'degrees' in a ceremony at the Jewish Community Center. These Doulas are now available to work with families in our community where someone is terminally ill.

The End-of-Life Doula Association, a Colorado non-profit organization, was formed in 2005 by Rabbi Nadya Gross, to provide trained volunteers who will offer emotional and spiritual support to families coping with terminally ill members, in keeping with Jewish practices and perspectives.

The volunteers, who represent the full spectrum of Jewish denominations and some Christian ones, have been trained of offer compassionate support in preparation for death. The doulas' training included such areas as spiritual and religious information, Jewish views on death and the afterlife, practices to support the soul's transition, Jewish medical ethics, advance directives and ethical wills, and the role of culture and spirituality in end of life issues.

The doulas, who have each made a two year commitment to the program, will have access to ongoing mentoring from Reb Nayda as well as peer group support.

The doulas will work in cooperation with the Boulder Chevre Kadisha, congregational Bikkur Cholim groups and their Rabbis, hospice and local area doctors and hospitals.

To make inquires about working with a doula or for other questions please call Reb Nadya at (303) 563-2110, or ask your congregational Rabbi for more information.